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Pakistan: At least 30 people killed in collision of two express trains | World News


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At least 30 people were killed in a collision between two express trains in southern Pakistan.

Rescuers and villagers are working to recover injured people and bodies from the wreckage, and there are fears that up to 20 passengers could be trapped.

Railroad officials said about 1,100 people were on board the two trains when they crashed before dawn on Monday in Gotki, a district in Sindh province.

According to them, the Millat Express train derailed and was hit by Sir Syed Express shortly thereafter.

“Our task now is to quickly rescue those passengers who are still stuck in the rubble,” added Deputy Commissioner Usman Abdullah.

Pakistani television reports said heavy equipment to aid rescue operations arrived at around four o’clock.

Rescuers and villagers are working to get people out of the rubble. Rice: AP

There are fears that dozens of others have been injured, some in critical condition, and ambulances are arriving at the scene to take them to hospital.

Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his condolences on Twitter to those who have lost loved ones.

“I asked the Minister of Railways to come to the site and provide medical care for the wounded and support for the families of the victims,” he wrote, adding that he was ordering a “comprehensive investigation” of the rail safety fault lines.

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Consequences of a train crash in Pakistan

Authorities said the soldiers were sending passengers to help rescuers.

The driver of the Sir Syed Express train survived the accident and told Pakistani television that when he saw the cars derailed, he tried to avoid colliding with them, but it was too late.

The country often experiences train accidents due to the poor state of the signaling system and outdated tracks.

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