Putin signed a law to withdraw from the open skies treaty

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Moscow – AFP
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday signed a law formalizing Russia’s withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty after Washington pulled out of a key post-Cold War defense pact last year.
In mid-January, Moscow announced that it would withdraw from a treaty that allows signatory countries to conduct unarmed reconnaissance flights over other parties’ territory, and pointed to “no progress” in maintaining the treaty after the United States withdrew from it last time. year, and an official document was published The decision of Russia was published on the government website on Monday morning, and the decision of the Russian president was made ahead of the upcoming summit meeting with US President Joe Biden in Geneva next week.
Biden initially indicated that his administration could reverse his predecessor’s decision to withdraw from the agreement, but confirmed late last month that Washington would not revise it.
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov responded last week that there is no reason to include a security agreement on the agenda of the Putin-Biden meeting because the United States has made clear its position on its future.
Russian lawmakers in the House of Representatives and the Russian Federation previously voted to end Moscow’s participation in the Open Skies Agreement, which was also signed by European and former Soviet countries and Canada.
Moscow and Washington have consistently accused each other of violating the terms of the agreement, and US President Donald Trump formally withdrawn the United States from it last November. The agreement allows Member States to request copies of photographs taken during monitoring flights by other Members, provided that the monitored State is notified 72 hours before the flight and is notified of its itinerary 24 hours in advance, and then may propose amendments to it.

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