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Sand and shells stolen from Sardinia were confiscated


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The customs police on the Italian island of Sardinia have imposed fines of up to 3,000 euros on 41 people after attempting to leave the island in recent days with a total of 100 kilograms of sand, shells and beach stones.

In some cases, tourists have offered what they took from the beach for sale online, the press agency said, fueling a thriving and illegal market for such souvenirs, including from luxury resort areas on Italy’s Emerald Coast.

According to the Euro News website, Italian authorities have confiscated sandbags, shells and stones at airports and ports in Sardinia in accordance with a 2017 regional law that provides for fines for each offender ranging from € 500 to € 3,000, and confiscated things returned to their places. Natural beaches.

The law aims to prevent the cumulative effect of removing sand and shells from the millions of tourists who flock each year to Sardinia, which is famous for its long strip of pristine sandy beaches.

It is noteworthy that according to the Italian Tourism Association, Italy expects a 20 percent increase in the number of tourists this summer.

The association said in a statement: “The 2021 summer season marks a recovery in the sector, with 33 million tourists expected to arrive between June and August and (book) 140 million nights in licensed hospitality establishments, an increase of 20.8. percent compared to 2020 and sales of 12.8 billion euros, ”reads the message of the seventh day.

The association noted that “this growth, however, is not enough to reach pre-Covid levels, when 73.5 million more people were registered in the summer of 2019, the last before the epidemic,” and relied on the results of the survey. out of 2185 companies in the sector.

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