Schoolboy, 9 years old, caught on cocaine but too young to be charged

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The nine-year-old schoolboy is considered the youngest cocaine crack dealer in history – and he is too young to press charges.

A schoolboy at only nine years old is considered Britain’s youngest crack cocaine dealer, and he is too young to blame him.

The police detained him for possession of a Class A drug with the intent to ship it to Cambridgeshire.

They believe that he was probably forced to carry drugs for an older brother, sister, friend, or even one of his parents. Mirror reports.

But since he is less than 10 years old – the legal age of responsibility in England and Wales – he could not be charged.

No other details about his biography have been disclosed.

The boy is part of a group of children detained on suspicion of drug trafficking or other serious crimes.

Research carried out Mirror found that over the past five years, 29 of the 43 police forces in England and Wales have filed nearly 16,000 crime reports against suspects aged nine and under.

Former criminal and anti-gang campaigner Junior Smart said, “This nine-year-old boy was almost certainly in the company of an adult who didn’t want to take risks.”

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He continued, “When I first started doing this 15 years ago, I was shocked by our 10-year-old patients.

“Now I don’t even blink an eye. They are getting younger and younger.

“They are used to transport drugs for a family member or friend.

“These kids often tell me that ‘we thought these people were taking care of us.’

He blamed Covid and “thousands upon thousands” of unemployed families for the growth of “children exploited by drug gangs.”

Used by drug gangs

“If they see a way to make money, they will take that risk,” he added.

Last year, The Sun reported that the seven-year-old became Britain’s youngest drug dealer.

The child was detained for the purpose of selling an unidentified drug.

His arrest was registered and the social services were informed, but he could not be charged as he had not reached the age of criminal responsibility.

The Mirror’s FOI request also revealed that a seven-year-old girl used a knife to threaten at school while a seven-year-old boy attacked a police officer.

Anastasia De Waal of the children’s charity I Can Be told The Sun last year: “We are seeing an alarming trend.

“It steals childhood and too often pushes vulnerable young people into long-term crime.”

And the charity Barnardo’s said: “Children who are drug traffickers are often abused and exploited and need protection.”

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