The pressure on Teague builds up as the ending eludes Carlton’s reach.

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Carlton supporters are starting to turn their attention to coach David Teague as the Blues play their eighth consecutive AFL season with no finals.

Carlton are waiting for their eighth straight season without an AFL Finals as Blues begin to attack coach David Teague.

After hiring wealthy recruits Adam Saad and Zach Williams during the offseason, it was expected that Carlton was poised to soar up the corporate ladder.

But at 4-8, playing 0-7 against the top eight teams this season, Teague admits there will now be a “tough battle” to reach the final.

The Blues are three games away from eighth-ranked Richmond, a significant percentage behind him, and will need a historic revival to play in the postseason for the first time since 2013.

Teams rarely made it into the top eight from such dire positions, with the exception of Brisbane Bears 1995 (4-11-10-12) and Richmond 2014 (3-10-12-10).

None of the Carlton’s losses this season have been terrible with their toughest 28 points loss to Port Adelaide, but disappointing that they continue to falter.

The Blues took on Sunday’s duel with West Coast, which was moved from Marvel Stadium to SCG due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria, as favorites.

The Eagles have suffered injuries from stars like Josh Kennedy, Oscar Allen, Tim Kelly, Jeremy McGovern and Luke Shui and have been poorly outside Perth this year.

But after missing the first three goals in the match, Carlton never managed to gain momentum, and he had to regret another missed opportunity.

Coleman Medal leader Harry McKay, who suffered a concussion in the first quarter, was a shock, but that was far from Carlton’s biggest problem.

The reaction to the defeat on Carlton’s social media pages was brutal, with one supporter posting a torn photo of his membership.

Since Teague took over as interim Blues coach in mid-2019 following the firing of Brandon Bolton, Teague’s record for wins and losses is 17-23.

He was appointed full-time coach in August 2019, sparking a wave of optimism from fans of the blue games amid several exciting victories.

But that early enthusiasm has been well and truly dissipated, and Carlton loyalists are wondering when they will again fight to be added to their 16 VFL / AFL premier seats.

Since Cardboard defeated the Western Bulldogs by 52 points in the sixth round last year and entered the top 8 for the first time since 2013, the Blues have won just eight of their 23 games.


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