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Tomorrow .. the beginning of the end of the school year exams from 4th to 12th grade.


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Tomorrow, exams at the end of the 2020-2021 academic year will begin for fourth to twelfth grade students in public and private schools that apply the curriculum of the Ministry of Education.

The exams will run until June 17th, with fourth through eleventh grade students taking them “remotely” … while twelfth grade students are taking exams in schools.

The Ministry of Education and the National Administration for Emergencies, Crises and Disasters recently announced a national protocol governing tests for twelfth grade students, which includes a package of precautions and preventive measures to ensure that the highest standards of health and safety for schoolchildren, administrative and educational personnel and support personnel.

The Emirates Taalim Schooling Foundation organized experimental tests for students in grades 4-12 between May 23-27 last year.

The foundation has confirmed that these tests help ensure that students are prepared for final exams and overcome any technical hurdles that may arise. She indicated that the compensation exams will be held from June 20 to 24 for students who were unable to pass the exams due to a technical defect or due to justified absence.

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