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Witness: Annabella Hilal sparks controversy by dancing on her birthday.


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Lebanese media artist Annabella posted a video after celebrating her birthday with her husband, plastic surgeon Nader Saab, and their friends in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Hilal commented on the video, saying, “A new year in which the course of my life changed without warning and without planning. This year we were forced to say goodbye to our loved ones because of the explosion in Beirut and we were forced to defend our rights and we were only able to protect our little family with the first solution that healed me right in front of us and the path changed, and I hope to get back to our habits, ”says (she).

And she continued, “I miss all my friends and family. This year I learned that the most important thing is the value of what I have and the preservation of the present. I forget the past and my son for a safe and stable future. and I don’t change, no matter what about me, they are trying to change it. Allen. “

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