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Abu Dhabi ranked first in the list of the region’s most livable cities, with Dubai in second place.


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These positions are partly due to the successful fight against the pandemic …

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the analytical arm of The Economist, has published a report that assesses the livability of 140 cities around the world.

Research and analysis for Global Vitality Index 2021 was conducted by the EIU earlier this year, and each city in the dataset was scored for quality of life, including stability (crime rates, threat of terror / conflict, and weighted at 25% of the total score); healthcare (taking into account the quality and access to healthcare, 20%); culture and environment (mainly climate, culture and corruption analysis, 25 percent); education (private and public access levels, 10 percent); and infrastructure (eg, quality of public transport, housing, telecommunications, and utilities, 20 percent weight).

The pandemic, of course, played a big role in this year’s results, with some cities climbing the table (compared to last year) as a result of tackling health problems, while others declined. The overall vitality in the world has declined by an average of seven points.

The top ten cities included Australasia, Japan and Switzerland, with Auckland coming in first, followed by Osaka, Adelaide, Wellington, Tokyo, Perth, Zurich, Geneva, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Article in Khaleej Times, discloses the results of two sources from the UAE: “Abu Dhabi’s ranking jumped 10 positions from 73rd in 2019 to 63rd in 2021, and Dubai ranked 74th, dropping four positions.”

An important factor in these successes of the UAE capital is undoubtedly the fight against the pandemic and, like most cities in the top ten, strict border controls.

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But the report warns that the impact on livability everywhere will continue if governments are slow to respond to policy areas such as vaccination programs: “The rate of recovery in livability in most regions will be determined by how effective the health risks can be. associated with the pandemic. controlled by a combination of vaccination, testing, tracking and quarantine measures. “

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