AEW veteran was genuinely surprised that Mark Henry left WWE

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AEW TV presenter Jim Ross recently stated that he was as surprised as fans when Mark Henry appeared on Double or Nothing as one of the promotion’s most recent acquisitions.

Henry caused a wave in the wrestling universe with his transition to promoting Tony Khan. He became the last veteran in line to leave WWE looking for greener pastures after Paul White and Christian earlier this year.

About the latest release of it Grilling JR podcastRoss discussed several topics, including Mark Henry joining AEW as an analyst and trainer. JR stated that Henry is well versed in talent and can provide valuable insight to the AEW stars.

The legendary TV host also talked about how, in front of Henry, AEW: Rampage should not be mistaken for another run-of-the-mill show.

“He loves helping others,” Ross said. “You know, he has a good flair for talent, he lends itself to learning, he likes a mentor, so it was pretty cool. It gives me confidence that the Rampage show on Friday night isn’t a blowout, it’s not a space filler. I was a little surprised that Mark came out of the WWE flag and is going to work with our team, ”said Ross (H / T – Fight Inc)

JR also said he was surprised to see Henry leave the WWE banner after such a long stint and join the younger team at AEW.

Jim Ross thinks Mark Henry will fight in AEW

Jim Ross sounded optimistic about Mark Henry’s return to the ring at AEW, saying that he still has an itch to fight and may be in a match that will take place in two years.

JR also praised AEW for keeping Henry’s debut under wraps and that there were no leaks prior to his May 30 pay-per-view arrival. Ross concluded by saying that he is delighted to see Henry don multiple hats at AEW.

“I think this is a win-win for everyone and it also opens the door for Mark in the future to play one or two more matches. I think it still itches. I didn’t see him all day, so they kept him locked up all day. It didn’t leak, it never went out, and it will do a very good job there. He will be part of the team on a regular basis, on an ongoing basis in several roles. said JR

As Mark Henry himself teases a return to ring completion at AEW Dynamite last week, it will be interesting to see who will be the world’s strongest man’s first opponent.

Do you think Mark Henry will be a valuable addition to AEW programming? Who do you want to see Henry’s first opponent? Mute the sound in the comment section below.

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