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Armed with new weapons, Ravens and Lamar Jackson will be happy


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Expect to see a lot more of this.

Expect to see a lot more of this.
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I will keep talking about this until people start to understand what is going on because the clues keep popping up.: TBaltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson are looking to quit football even more this year.

The Ravens understand that in order to take the next step and try to overthrow the elders in the AFC, they will have to strengthen the ongoing attack. Everything they’ve done this offseason confirms this.

Before the draft I said:

“As with the Buffalo Bills last year, which made a splash on Stephon Diggs to give Josh Allen a legitimate weapon to help him grow as a passer, I expect the Ravens to use the same approach in this year’s draft. For Jackson to develop, he needs the best weapon. “

They did just that. Not only did the Ravens take Rashod Butment in the first pick in the first round (27th overall), they doubled to take on another receiver, Tylan Wallace. Their project was based on adding weapons for their young quarterback.

I also wrote this three yards of dust cloud will no longer cut it in AFC North. All divisions are moving in this direction, giving priority to players in a specific position. The Cincinnati Bengals drafted successor Ja’Marr Chase as the first pick, the Steelers brought back Juja Smith-Schuster as a free agent and hired running back Naji Harris in the first round, and the Browns will add recovering Odell Beckham. Junior to their foster building. The investment of talent in offense is noticeable.

Not only have the Ravens added two wide receivers that can excel at all levels of the pitch, they also reportedly want their experienced early backers to be more involved in the passing game as well. When asked about J.K. Dobbins, who received his second year running back and his participation in the passing game, head coach John Harbaugh said:

“He has made great strides. It was one of the highlights of this offseason’s focus on getting our early backs playing passing. JK will obviously be the focus of this and of course Justice [Hill], and Gus [Edwards] does the same as in the current game. I think JK and Justice are what they should be really good at. ”

Dobbins recorded just 18 receptions for 120 yards in his rookie season. However, as an athlete with an explosive ability to operate in outer space, getting the ball in the receiving game would be a useful obstacle in their attack. Obviously Harbaugh agrees.

Undoubtedly, the Ravens’ best pass-through asset over the past two seasons has been tight end Mark Andrews, who was an effective and dominant threat in the red zone and Jackson’s favorite target. Andrews has received 17 touchdowns in the past two years, more than Travis Kelsey (16), George Keatle (7) and Darren Waller (12).

Yesterday Harbo said about Andrews and how he trains:

“Really good. He trained very well,” Harbo said after the Ravens completed their third open practice of organized team events. “I told him today that I really feel like he runs the best routes I have ever seen. when he was here. Very clear, very sharp, explosive and all. I’m just glad he’s here. “

So to summarize: The Ravens traded for drafts that helped them draft two wide receivers, they want to include more of their running backs in the ongoing game, and their best threat, Mark Andrews, is healthy, thriving and running better routes. he has been running for the past few years.

The Ravens, which led the NFL in attempts per game last season (34.6), spent this offseason telegraphing the rest of the NFL that they were preparing to jump as a more versatile attack. Lamar Jackson will have what it takes to remind the league that he is an MVP-level quarterback.

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