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Batwing: first look at Camrus Fox in costume in first promo photos


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Watch out for Gotham, for the Batwing is about to appear …

Almost two seasons BatwomanLuke Fox was a loyal technician to both Kate Kane and Ryan Wilder. But things will change differently as the bat team and family as a whole are about to get another member; Bat wing. Some time ago we reported that Camrus Johnson spotted around Batwoman set in suit… We’ll now take a closer look at the costume and it’s AWESOME!

Our full-length image shows the full costume, and the image below shows Camrus (as Luke Fox) with a hood in hand:

[Credit: Variety]

We couldn’t see Camrus’ costume (as Luke) before. According to Batwoman Arrowverse Season 2 PageLuke will be Batwing in the Season 2 finale, The Force. Only a few weeks left before that.

This will be the first time Bat wing came out in live-action format. The character has already appeared in animation, as can be seen from the cartoon, Batman: Bad Blood… The Luke Fox iteration is the second version that debuted in DC Comics in June 2013 in Batwing # 19. The first was David Zavimbe, who first appeared in comics in May 2011 in Batman Incorporated # 5.

What inspires Luke to become the Batwing is not yet known, but we think it may have something to do with his near-death experience after he was shot by the corrupt Raven agent Russell Tavarov. In a coma, he sees his late father Lucius and Bruce Wayne (who is not dead), who tells him that he has a choice.

We have so many questions that we are not going to ask right now. We just have to wait until Luke’s Batwing debut to ask them.

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