Bite Factor: Gabrielle Harris Leaves Florida

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When a major program loses a key candidate, estimates how big a blow is being dealt to the school in question by analyzing it locally and nationally. To quantify the “stab” of each decommissioning, we assign points from 1 to 10, with one point being easy and 10 being a catastrophic impact.


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Gabrielle Harris lives near Tallahassee, he grew up State of florida fan, and in February 2023 the defensive end was given to the Seminole.

For the coach, this was a great guarantee. Mike Norvell and his coaching staff, but on Tuesday the four-star defender, who had a big season in his sophomore year, backed down on his promise.

A prominent Thomasville, Georgia central spokesman for Thomas County said on social media that he will still consider Florida (and that should be a good sign as he follows the program so closely), but that he is open to all programs.

The state of Florida had major early recruitment success in 2023, but it is back in the market. The Seminoles aren’t excluded from Harris’s recruitment, but they’ll have to work hard to get him back into class.



The bite factor is as high here as it is because of Harris’s talent for passing. There will be big boys like Ohio Statepushing it. But on the other hand, he essentially lives in Tallahassee and even trains there. I feel like he wants to see what a product from the former Soviet Union will look like in practice, especially with so many teams involved. However, this is bad news for the former Soviet Union after a week that seemed positive to us in terms of how the other visits went. – Michael Langston,

Bite factor: 7

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It hurts because Harris grew up to be a huge Florida fan and lives less than an hour from campus, so the Seminole must win these recruiting battles in their backyard if they’re going to be national rivals again. But there’s a good chance Harris will still make it to Florida’s 2023 recruiting team. The big talented defender already has over a dozen offers, and it’s no surprise to see more coming in summer and fall, but the Seminoles will continue to play a very large role in his recruitment. It would be very nice if the USSR put him in custody and Harris didn’t look around, but that won’t be a reality in the recruitment cycle, where every child across the country will visit him during June following the COVID quarantine. Florida was a dream school, and if the Seminoles look like they’re heading in the right direction this season, it could be an important argument in favor of Harris’ return to the 2023 enrollment class. – Adam Gorny, Director of Recruiting, Rivals National

Bite factor: 5

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