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Bodur al-Brahim responds to Huriya Fergali’s bullying: take it easy with celebrities


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expressed Role of Brahim, a Saudi beauty expert, expressed her strong displeasure at the criticism and ridicule she received from some of her social media followers.

Bodur Al-Brahim criticizes Huria Fergali’s bullying

وتلقت Role of Brahim Much criticism for describing herself as Miss Saudi Arabia, stressing that she is not mentally ill to describe herself that way, and that it was her friends who called her that title.

And Bodur Al-Brahim, in a video about the Snapchat app, thought that famous people on social networks, according to her description, were oppressed by their beauty, and commented: “Zayn self-hypnosis, and I swear to God, you are tired. so you can achieve beauty standards on my face. ““.

She talked about the psychological damage people receive as a result of the bullying they endure and talked about the artist Uriah Fergali, who was brutally bullied after a horse-riding accident and a broken nose that disfigured her face.

She noted that the harsh criticism that Uriah Fergali received prompted her to lock herself in the house for two years to avoid such criticism.

And she continued, “Be kind to celebrities, we need laws that protect us from the bullying and hurtful words we are exposed to,” praying to God that anyone who offends or oppresses her is infected with black bacteria, black fungus.

وكشفت Role of Brahim The very last comment she liked the most was that she was called Miss Social Media, and she commented, “Once I was so happy that I was called the beauty queen among those who appeared on social media.”“.

Al-Ibrahim added: “We have the beauty of what I saw preserved in the homes of Saudi Arabia, and by the way, the celebrities that appear on social media are not Saudis. They are hybrids. Rome Abdullah and I are Saudis from the very beginning. Saudi Arabia and hybrid celebrities are not coming with us. “

Bodur al-Brahim’s statements

not enough ت Role of Brahim While responding once to her criticism of the niqab crisis, she has made more than one controversial statement over the last period about the reason for wearing the niqab. Video in which he appeared Brahim with her hair The Saudi fashionista attacked her critics and called them patients a few days after her niqab appearance, sparking controversy over the reasons for wearing it, as she said in Bodour Al-Brahim: “Honestly, I don’t know myself, I feel this look from Abu Ayali, Thank God, who changed the conditions, I told you, see, for a while, and then come back, I will not sit like this, I will show you why I wear niqab at this time“.

And she added: “I want to say everything that said about me, about the need that touches me. I forgive you. I’m just surprised that I was attacked, not natural, and I was wearing niqab and abaya. What would you like? Unfortunately, I did not expect this whole attack, I mean if I believed that our Lord was guiding me and I was wearing an abaya and a veil, I would accept the attack. ” This … I was shocked, in the end, I discovered that the mentality of people is unnatural, from a scientific point of view, the level of intelligence and stupidity of people is the percentage in the world, including 20%, and the same countries that do this with me .. People write to me that you are sick, no, by God, you are sick“.

Al-Brahim has generated an uproar in the past few days for announcing wearing the niqab under certain circumstances without revealing it at the time.

And she appeared in the role of Al-Brahim without the veil, a few days after wearing it to provoke controversy again, and was widely criticized by her followers, who violently attacked them and felt that they were changing her.

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