COVID-19: America To Donate 500 Million Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccinations To Poorer Countries | US News

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The US must distribute half a billion shots of Pfizer vaccine to nearly 100 poorer countries.

About 200 million doses will be dispensed this year, and 300 million in 2022.

He comes as President of the United States Joe Biden said before leaving for G7 Summit in Cornwall that he will announce the vaccination strategy to the world.

The US will pay for doses at a “non-commercial” price, according to the New York Times, which said the plan could be officially announced Thursday.

Joe Biden and the first lady arrived in the UK on Wednesday ahead of the G7 summit.

The images will be taken in 92 low-income countries and the African Union, but Pfizer and the White House have not yet commented on the situation.

America is far ahead in vaccine deployment, but campaigners urged wealthier countries to do more to protect developing countries.

Half a billion shots will be distributed through the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Covax scheme, which is trying to fix the so-called “apartheid vaccine” by working with governments and manufacturers to ensure that the shots are distributed fairly.

Its goal is to deliver two billion doses in 2021 and 1.8 billion doses by early 2022.

According to the WHO, only 2% of the African population received at least one dose of the vaccine, while worldwide it is 24%.

In Great Britain this figure is about 60%, and in America it is about 50%.

Covax Scheme Helps Distribute Injections in Poorer Countries
Covax scheme will distribute half a billion American jabs

The relevance is underlined by the recent 20 percent increase in COVID cases in Africa over the previous two weeks.

In a statement last week, WHO said the pandemic is on the rise in 14 countries on the continent, but vaccine supplies continue to slow.

The Biden administration has already pledged to split 80 million doses of the vaccine worldwide by the end of June, with the first shipments due in the next few weeks.

The New York Times reported that in addition to injections for its own population, the new commitment will increase the number of Pfizer-BioNTech injections purchased by the US to 800 million.

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