Coy Lere Tweets A Message For People Who Talk About Her Boo Press

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Coy Leray continues to make a splash with her music, but lately all eyes are on her new boyfriend, Canadian rapper Pressa. Coy uploaded videos hosted on Pressa and everyone went crazy!

Many people left comments about the appearance of the Press, and at first glance it seemed that they thought the Press was a woman. Comedian Jess Hilarius commented: “#PRIDE” with a red heart emoji. Another commented, “Ooh, is this a young woman or a young man?”

Coy tweeted a message today for everyone who had something to say about the Press’s looks. “People say the Press looks like a girl until they see this ‘MF d ** k’ print.” Once again, people diverged in our comments. Wild N’Out cast Zoe entered The Shade Room, advising Coy to keep that information for herself. “Girl, keep this information to yourself … I had my own bitter experience to show off to my people in those days. People are getting curious, ”he wrote.

This is not the first time Coy has brought up sexuality. People used to think she was a lesbian. She addressed this issue last year when she was asked about the lyrics of her song “Huddy” on Vlad TV. She said that sometimes it seems to her that she can take a woman to a man, and that is exactly what it is. Coy explained that she doesn’t like girls, but she likes them. Coy said, “I think a lot of bitches are pretty. I’ll be damn it, she’s as bad as you know you feel me. However, the No More Party artist said she was terrible.

Coy seems to be happy with Pressa and they released the song together as well. Please leave a comment and share your opinion with us!

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