David Beckham is confident to sign Lionel Messi

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According to press reports, the former English star David Beckham The former Manchester United and Real Madrid player is confident in his ability to recruit Argentine Barcelona player Lionel Messi. Inter Miami After completing a career in Europe in two seasons

And the British newspaper Sun reported that David Beckham, one of the owners of Inter Miami, who plays in the NBA, was in talks with the father of Lionel Messi and is confident in his desire to end his career in the United States of America.

Jorge Mas, one of the American owners of Inter Miami, expressed optimism about signing Barcelona captain Lionel Messi and his historic striker; Although not expected to join this summer

And the future of the Argentine star, who turns 34 at the end of this month, is still undecided as his contract with Barcelona expires at the end of June, and given its availability on the transfer market for free, many clubs are still looking to sign the historic Barcelona striker. including Inter Miami, American

Messi has repeatedly admitted his desire to end his career in the United States of America, and on the other hand, Inter Miami is optimistic about the Barcelona captain, although not this season.

“I am optimistic that Messi will play in an Inter Miami jersey because I believe he will complete the legacy of the best player of our generation and fulfill the ambitions of the Inter Miami owners to create a world class team,” said Mass, one of the owners of Inter Miami together with Manchester United legend David Beckham.

Mas confirmed that his club is working hard to convince Messi to retire at Inter Miami, stressing: “David Beckham and I are working hard. We have the ambition to bring the best players here, and Leo Messi is a talented player, perhaps the best. player of all time “.

This came at a time when Barcelona President Joan Laporta announced earlier this month that contract renewal negotiations with historic leader and striker Messi were ongoing and confirmed that the club was close to announcing new deals.

Messi’s contract expires this month and he can move to any other team for free, while media reports said the player is close to staying at Barça.

The American Football League has imposed fines and penalties on Inter Miami. Amid the deal with France, Juventus’ Blaise Matuidi and David Beckham’s partner George Maas were fined $ 250,000 after investigating the team’s finances.

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