“Dolla Dola” with Nelly Karim got upset .. and waited for the band’s life story with a new film.

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Members of a group of “gunners” in Egypt have said they have launched a wave of star-studded festival songs in collaboration with Egyptian artist Nelly Karim.

They added that the collaboration began with the song “Millionaire”, followed by the recently released song “Dula Doula”.

The members of the group explained in an interview with The Insider in Arabic: “Countries, countries were very upset, they faced many needs and at the wrong time. We did a good job and for us if we did anything with Nellie she would visit Fuze or it would be a great honor for us. A great opportunity to do something with a superstar like her. “

The program met the gunners team while filming a new video called “Wind a Love” in their home region of Salam.

Regarding the choice of the Al Salam area in Cairo for filming the video, they said: “This is mainly our territory. We want to clear the connection between us and the residents of our area. He will still be there and we will know. people how to make up. We wanted to bring peace to our neighborhoods with our friends and create a new atmosphere. “

Regarding the project to make a film that tells the story of the team, Gunners member Diesel said: “The film was produced by Gamal El-Adl and scripted by Medhat El-Adl, and it is a great honor for us.”

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