Dr. Fauci denies underestimating the origin of the virus for “political reasons” and calls it “supremely absurd.”

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Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anthony Fauci has denied that he is downplaying the theory that the coronavirus was a laboratory leak for political reasons, calling the accusation “highly absurd.” “This is obviously an accusation, which I have to tell you broadly, is absurd,” he said. “From the very beginning, when there was a problem with some people who looked at the virus and said there was something about the virus that looked like it could actually be manipulated,” I gathered a group of people and said, let’s take a look at an infectious disease expert appeared at the Wall Street Journals’ Tech Health event, where he said a group of scientists studied the laboratory’s theory and had a ‘good discussion’ about it. Evolution Dr. Fauci found himself in the line of fire last week after his emails were released indicating that the chief physician had early rejected the laboratory leak theory. Emails show that a virologist named Christian Andersen wrote to Dr. Fauci in February 2020 that the virus probably appeared in the laboratory because it looks “engineered.” Dr. Fauci addressed this email to view, where he stated that although Mr. Andersen initially believed in the theory, shortly thereafter he joined a chorus of other scientists who saw natural evolution as a more likely source. Anthony Fauci denied that he rejected the laboratory leak theory and argued that his team had never completely ruled out it. “All of these scenarios have always been unbiased that there could be something else,” he said. “You can have strong opinions, but you don’t have to rule out anything else. “As a scientist, you always keep things open.”

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