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Eric Adams’ police records fuel his political upsurge – and still remain a mystery


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On June 22, 2020, 43 more people died from the pandemic that hit New York. Protesters took to the streets again, New York Police helicopters hovering low overhead, cops in protective gear chased marching men and smashed bicycles, continuing the standoff sparked by the assassination of George Floyd a month earlier. The notion that in a year’s time the main candidate for mayor would be a former police officer who takes crime seriously seemed implausible.

Times have changed. Early voting will begin this weekend and end on June 22, 2021, the day of the primary. Crime, not coronavirus, has become a top priority for most voters, according to fresh poll NY1… As well as Eric Adams, former NYPD captain, is leader… What a world.

Time is always of the essence in city elections. David Dinkins won as racial conciliator in 1989 shortly after Yusuf Hawkins, a black teenager, was killed by a group of white people in Bensonhurst. Four years later, crime has risen and Rudy Giuliani won as a hardcore ex-prosecutor. Eight years later, the World Trade Center came under attack, and the city decided it needed to elect a billionaire businessman. Mike Bloomberg, restore. Twelve years after that, left-handed Bill de Blasio was the supposed antidote from the autocrat.

Now the number of cases of COVID has (fortunately) decreased significantly; shooting goes up. Adams, a former black cop, bills himself as the perfect combination of a police reformer and a public safety expert. “Adams says:“ I am supported Abner Luima. Sean Bell’s father supports me. But I also think we need a strategy to get the guns out of the streets, ”says Bruce Diori, Democrat strategist who does not work with any of the challengers. “There is a clear majority of New Yorkers who want significant criminal justice reform. But there is also a clear majority who want the police in the community not to be racist. He is in the spotlight of the electorate. “

As far as campaign messaging goes, it works really well for Adams. It is more questionable whether Adams has the skills and experience to deliver on what he promises. True, his 22 years in the NYPD may give him a level of trust from the department that de Blasio sorely lacked. And Adams was sometimes shrewd in his criticism of the department of racial affairs, even when he was still in shape. However, what Adams actually did as a police officer remains largely a mystery. Politico has filed a Freedom of Information Act request for Adams’ personal files, but they are still closed; if, for example, Adams had any internal investigation, it is still out of sight. During the campaign, Adams regularly referred to his years in body armor. Like most young police officers, he was clearly on patrol. But contemporaries mostly remember him as an unremarkable officer on business trips to Brooklyn and Manhattan. “Personally, Eric was very well liked, he was a pretty good boss and an effective self-promoter, but he was not a big street cop,” says a NYPD insider. “He was an inner guy. House mouse.

Adams’ signature initiative, Operation Bring Our Community Back, which provided teenagers of color with instructions on how to respond when stopped by the police, was launched in his role as co-founder of 100 Blacks Who Care. Adams rose to the rank of captain before retiring in 2006 to successfully run for a seat in the New York State Senate. “Eric was made a captain, not an inspector,” says a New York police expert. “Captain is the last rank of the civil service. You become a captain by taking tests, and you do well on exams by staying home and studying. You make an inspector because people say, “This guy knows a thing or two about crimes.”

When I asked Adams recently As for his plans to make the NYPD less aggressive and more efficient, his approach was to hire the right people to do the right job. Of course, this is hard to argue with; it is even more difficult to execute on a large scale in a change-resistant department. Ask Adams about police reform, and he’s not talking about cutting the NYPD budget or using force, but making things easier. “We need to rethink the public safety ecosystem. We call the police about everything. This is the wrong way, ”he says. “We need to redefine this and say, ‘Hi, police. Your role is to chase down bad guys and dangerous people and create ubiquitous security. ” And then let’s look at other elements that need to be in place, such as those dealing with mental illness. ” How to stop the flow of guns into the city? Adams wants to spot check buses arriving from out of state and rebuild the NYPD crime-fighting units infamous after the strangling death of Eric Garner.

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