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Explanation of the end of awakening


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The ending explained is a recurring series in which we explore the endings, secrets and themes of interesting films and shows, both new and old. This time, we’ll talk about the ending of the Netflix movie Awake and explain it.

Don’t you hate it when you just can’t sleep for the life of me? Well this is mostly a plot Mark Rasofrom Awake – but slightly increased. Film (review here) begins with a catastrophic event that destroys all electronics and deprives humanity of the opportunity to sleep. Whenever disaster strikes, retired soldier Jill (Gina Rodriguez) begins to act to protect his family from the growing chaos. But when her daughter Matilda (Ariana Greenblatt) shows that she can sleep, the child becomes the target of the insane masses, and Jill must protect her at all costs.

Desperate to find answers, Jill brings Matilda and her son Noah (Lucius Hoyos) during a trip to a military base called the Hub. There, she says, she will allow Matilda to help scientists find a cure for a medical anomaly that is slowly killing everyone. But once Jill arrives at the Hub, it becomes clear that she had no intention of giving Matilda at all. Instead, she approaches the old woman who is being tested by scientists – the only known person other than Matilda who can sleep – and asks her for help. At the moment, Jill is working on the assumption that everyone except Matilda and the old woman will die from lack of sleep for several days or even hours. Therefore, she asks the old woman to take care of Matilda when everyone else leaves, knowing that her daughter will not be able to fend for herself.

Since the whole world has already woken up for a couple of weeks, things are not going very smoothly in the Hub. The guards begin to hallucinate the invasion, and hell begins afterwards. Noah tries to turn off the electricity to make it easier for him and his family to hide, but he is electrocuted and briefly died. The next morning, he wakes up and tells Matilda that he was asleep. The two quickly discover that there is a similarity between them – they both died and came back to life after the catastrophic event, as Matilda briefly drowned in the river at the beginning of the disaster – and now they can both sleep. Coincidence? I think no.

So they found a cure. Well, they hope they have, or they are about to drown their mother for no reason. Matilda and Noah drag the nearly dead Jill to the river and submerge her head under the water. She resists, but they are sure that they are here. They pull her lifeless body out of the water, administer artificial respiration, and when the screen darkens, we hear a sigh. Jill is awake.

While some viewers were probably disappointed by the fact that Awake ends before what is supposed to be main action, (if you are thinking of killing the entire planet and bringing them back to life, that is, action), Raso’s decision to leave the film on an ambiguous note should be seen as smart (for a director hoping to provide multidimensional action). picture deal with Netflix).

There are three real options for what can happen after the credits are thrown. Alone, Matilda and Noah successfully bring their mother back to life where she can now sleep, and the three of them continue to share the medicine with others. Second, the kids are bringing Jill back, but too many people have already died from lack of sleep. Or if you Indeed cynically, they fail to revive Jill and left to fend for themselves in a spoiled world. So, the first option neatly ties everything together, although there is still a long way ahead of convincing people to die if they want to live, but the other two options perfect bait to continue… Who wouldn’t want to see these two films?

If Netflix decides to expand Awake The cinematic universe, the high-stakes survival drive of the film, will undoubtedly continue into the sequel. Perhaps we will see the characters we grew up with as they try to withstand the elements alone in Omega man type of situation.

Aside from a potentially killer sequel, the ending Awake has some surprisingly deep meanings. Christianity is present from the very beginning of the film. Noah and Matilda’s grandmother (Francis Fisher) regularly take them to church so that Christian ideals take root in the child’s psyche. But when Matilda accidentally shows the parishioners that she can sleep, they immediately demand that she be sacrificed in blood. In their sleepless minds, this is the medicine. This girl needs to be sacrificed like Christ on the cross.

But in the end the answer to the problems it is not a sacrifice; this is resurrection. And although death is involved in the treatment, it is not murder that is important, but the return to life. This could be interpreted as an earthly cleansing, or perhaps it is just another interpretation of the Bible that emphasizes the importance of living above bodily and spiritual sacrifices.

Whatever the answer, it’s safe to say that Awake ends on a positive note. He emphasizes the importance of family and suggests that good things happen if we stick to those we love. It also praises strength, perseverance and courage and allows us to reflect on the past year – a year in which we all, in our own way, experienced a real catastrophic event.

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