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FREE UEFA EURO 2020 League entry with a £ 1M fan team league


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You must have already heard about the massive UEFA EURO 2020 tournament being hosted by DFS and the bookmaker. FanTeam… If you haven’t, they are hosting a £ 1,000,000 Euro 2020 fantasy football tournament and they really want everyone to know about it and take part in it too. So Read Scoops is doing everything it can to promote the league, and today they even offer FREE ENTRANCE to the tournament!

FREE UEFA EURO 2020 League entry with a £ 1M fan team league

Leading platform DFS rewards you for telling other people about this Euro 2020 fantasy football competition, and they will give you and your friend free entry to the tournament at invite a friend to join Fanteam! So, whether you want to let people know about it via email, WhatsApp or other social media channels, do so and you will be graciously rewarded with free entry to this £ 1 million prize pool!

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So, in order to take part in this draw, the first thing you need to do is create a fanteam account which you can do by clicking on one of the links on the page itself. After that, you can go to your profile, create your referral link and invite friends through it. After that, your invited friend will join the Fanteam and you will be rewarded with a £ 20/23 entry ticket and your friend will also receive a £ 20/23 ticket to this tournament!

How do I get my £ 1million Fan Team League FREE entry?

  1. Register and create a FanTeam account
  2. Create a referral link and invite your friends and family.
  3. Your friend must join and become a member of the £ 1 million league.
  4. You and your friend will then receive a FREE ENTRANCE of £ 20/23 each.

Stay tuned for similar updates on fantasy football tournaments held during Euro 2020, stay tuned ReadScoops.com

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