Gossip Girl Reboot’s first trailer turns out to be cooler than expected

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New Gossip just released their first trailer, and it’s clear that this version will bring as much drama as the original.

On Wednesday June 9th, HBO Max released the first footage of the upcoming reboot of their beloved teen drama, The CW. in December 2012 after six seasons… Viewers won’t have to wait long to see more as the premiere starts on Thursday 8 July

Indeed, fans of the original seem to have a lot to love, given that the trailer hints at a new love triangle that is seemingly destined to rival the past complications of Chuck-Blair-Dan and Neit-Serena-Dan. Respectively, Frank Ocean“Super Rich Kids” is played at the end to add vibrancy.

“She’s a stranger who ended up in your group of friends,” warns one character, “with your boyfriend.”

There seems to be a lot of sexual tension on the menu, as the trailer features obvious threesomes, an unplanned kiss, and a couple of characters waking up in bed together.

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