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HBO Max Gossip Girl Official Trailer: Reboot


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And the resurgence of the cult CW TV show looks like it won’t be lacking in drama – narrated, of course, by legendary voiceover Kristen Bell as “Gossip Girl” herself.

No secret is safe. @gossipgirl is back and she’s catching up. The new Gossip Girl episodes will air on July 8 on HBO Max.

@hbomax / Via Twitter: @hbomax

“Eight years after the original website went down, a new generation of NYC teenagers are getting familiar with social surveillance of Gossip Girl,” the show’s official description explains.

“The prestigious series will be about how social media – and the landscape of New York City itself – has changed over the years.”

The secret has been revealed. The new episodes of Gossips will be available to air on July 8 on HBO Max. See you on the steps. XOXO.

@hbomax / Via Twitter: @hbomax

To get an idea of ​​what some of the shows storylines maybe oh.

IN Gossip The reboot will hit HBO Max on July 8th – and we can’t wait.

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