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He is being tried today for “immediate appearance” .. new details of Macron’s slap


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The French judicial authorities announced on Wednesday evening that The young man who hit President Emmanuel Macron On Tuesday, during a visit to the southeast of the country, he will be brought to trial on Thursday under an “immediate appearance” system that guarantees expedited court proceedings, especially in cases of gross misconduct.

Alex Perrin, Valence County’s attorney general, said the accused Damien T., a 28-year-old man, “will be brought before prosecutors on Thursday morning to prepare for his trial this afternoon, under the immediate attendance system.”

He added that a fellow accused named Arthur S. was arrested with him on Tuesday. “At the end of the second half of 2022, he will be issued a subpoena on charges of illegal possession of weapons,” found at his home.

The prosecutor explained that the prosecutor’s office decided to extend their detention, a decision on which was taken after they were charged with “acts of violence that did not lead to incapacity against a person responsible for state bodies” and “in order to continue investigation “.

Security forces immediately arrested the two men living in Saint-Vallier, north of Valence.

According to the prosecutor, both of them are “unknown to the judiciary or intelligence agencies”, but are members of local associations “that are engaged in martial arts, the Middle Ages and the world of manga”, Japanese comics.

During the hearing, Damien T. He described himself as “having a life partner, no children, no profession” and admitted that he “struck a blow at the head of state and uttered words condemning his policies.”

slap macron

slap macron

The defendant also said during interrogation that he is close to the Yellow Vest Movement, a non-partisan protest movement, and that he shares “traditional political beliefs of the right or extreme right” without having any party or movement.

Added by Damian T. During interrogation, he “acted instinctively and (without hesitation) to express his displeasure.”

Investigators did not question any witnesses or life partner Damian T. This also sheds light on the “motives” of the defendants, who, according to prosecutors, decided “for the moment” not to consider what he did as a result of deliberate actions and surveillance.

However, the prosecutor stressed that “recent checks and investigations are still ongoing.”

As for Arthur Sy, who is “single, without children, temporarily unemployed and arrested with his friend after filming the attack on the head of state,” he “explained the reasons for his stay at the scene without participating in the attack” on Macron. …

In his house, investigators found “old books on the art of war and” Mein Kampf “(” Mein Kampf “by Adolf Hitler), as well as a red flag with a yellow hammer and sickle and the flag of the Russian revolution.

The slap in the face provoked the outrage of the entire French political class, and Macron tried to soften the seriousness of what he was subjected to, declaring that these were “isolated actions of very cruel people.”

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