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“Identity and Nationality” starts the first phase of the project on the renewed version of national identity.


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The Office invites “identity renewal applicants” to use the electronic version at the point of service until a printed version is released.
The Federal Office of Identity and Citizenship has announced the start of the first phase of issuing an updated version of the national identity card as part of the transition to a new generation of identity cards and passports.
The Authority encouraged the category of “ID renewal service applicants” to use the electronic version of the ID at the current stage at all points of service in various sectors prior to the issuance of printed cards.
The Authority has confirmed that the electronic version of the ID is an exact copy of the ID and is available through the ICA UAE Smart, which can be downloaded free of charge from iOS and Android stores.
The electronic version can be used with QR code scanning technology to ensure that the card is read immediately, as it is automatically generated when the client’s document wallet is entered into the smart app.
The electronic form of the card is characterized by all the data displayed on the card, by reading them directly from the database in the authority, and this process simplifies the verification by the service authorities of the effectiveness of the issued card in the event that the printed card is not available to the holder.
The authorities said they had coordinated with the relevant authorities, service industries and businesses in the country to provide their services using the electronic version of the ID card in the smart application of the Federal Office for Identity and Citizenship and based on the reading of the previous smart ID card chip to emulate and customer checks, where necessary, prior to issuing an updated printed version of the card.
It is noteworthy that the draft of the new generation of Emirati passports and the national ID card has been approved as a new design of ID cards and the use of high security features, operating systems and advanced technologies that reduce security risks and make them difficult to copy, counterfeit and counterfeit, and the new generation increases the level of electronic security of these documents due to its intelligent properties.

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