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James Anderson deletes an old tweet in which he called Stuart Broad “lesbian”


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Fans and the ECB are quick and quick to unearth old tweets from English cricketers. Pacer Oli Robinson recently faced suspension after previous tweets about his exposed racist remarks against Muslims and Asians.

And now cricket veteran James Anderson may face similar action, judging by his old tweet. One of those, now 10, called his teammate Stuart Broad “lesbian.” Poking fun at Broad about his hairstyle, Anderson calls him a “15-year-old lesbian.”

At the moment, this has been thoroughly tested. Moreover, Jimmy Anderson may face disciplinary action for this. When asked about this remark, he said that now he has changed.

Historical material, for me it was 10-11 years ago. Since then, I have certainly changed as a person. This is the difficulty; everything changes and you make mistakes ”, he said.

What’s more, the English duo Eoin Morgan and Jos Butler are in similar situations. Morgan and Jos Butler are investigating their tweets making fun of the Indians.

England coach Chris Silverwood on the Robinson incident

England coach Chris Silverwood spoke about the incident with Oli Robinson. He says this behavior is unacceptable. However, Silverwood added that Robinson was devastated and “embarrassed.”

What should have been one of the greatest days of Ollie’s career didn’t end well for him. This disappointed the group. This became for us a vivid reminder of all the responsibilities that we have in the position in which we are.said Silverwood.

There is no place for any form of discrimination in this game. He showed a lot of remorse, he publicly apologized, he apologized to the dressing room. I think it was a really big lesson for him., “he added.

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