Kim Jong Un looks thinner, raising fears that he is in poor health

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North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un looked noticeably thinner again, prompting many to speculate that his health was deteriorating.

North Korean observers have expressed concern about leader Kim Jong-un’s apparent weight loss, which some believe may be a sign of deteriorating health.

IN New york post reports that in photographs published by state media, the despot looked noticeably slimmer – after not being seen in public for a month, The keeper reported.

In South Korea NC News, who analyzed photographs of Kim speaking at the ruling party’s Politburo meeting last week, said he appeared to have lost a lot of weight.

If he deliberately lost weight for health reasons, it would “probably improve his position at home,” Vipin Narang, an assistant professor of political science at MIT, told the publication.

Being safer at home “in turn provides more predictability, perhaps for regional players like Japan, the Republic of Korea and the United States, who can have more confidence that he will run the show,” said Mr Narang.

However, this is a completely different opinion if it is related to poor health.

“If (sudden weight loss)]is due to a health condition, the struggle for succession may already be taking place behind the scenes, and this instability could become a problem for the outside world,” if he died suddenly, Mr. Narang said.

NC NewsForensic analysis of the images shows that Kim looked thinner and the luxury watch he often wears was fastened tighter than before.

South Korea’s National Intelligence Service reportedly told policymakers in November that it believed Kim weighed 140kg and “has been gaining an average of 6 to 7kg per year” since taking office in late 2011.

“At first glance, the noticeable weight loss may not matter much, but it may provide a clue to other information that intelligence collectors are looking for,” said Mike Brodka, an intelligence officer for US Special Operations Command in South Korea. NC News

“It could be a simple question of healthy lifestyle changes or a more complex question,” said Mr Brodka.

“We don’t know right now, but this raises some serious questions and we need to pay attention to events in the next couple of months to find out.”

Kim, a heavy smoker, has struggled with health issues that observers have linked to his weight and lifestyle. The keeper noted.

In 2014, he disappeared for almost six weeks before reappearing with a cane. A few days later, a South Korean spy agency said he had surgery to remove a cyst on his ankle.

And a three-week absence last spring sparked rumors that he became seriously ill after heart surgery – although a more plausible theory was that he had just quarantined during the coronavirus pandemic.

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