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Loki: What is the meaning of Kablooie Gum?


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By this point, we are used to scouring Marvel movies and TV shows even for searches. the smallest details that can hint at storylines to come. First episode Loki has many of these intriguing details, including the look of Kablooie’s gum. Is chewing gum just a random moment, or is there something else in it that it hides?

We first see a pack of Kablooie gum when Agent Moebius trying to win the trust of a girl from France in 1549, who, apparently, is the only witness of one of the crimes against agents of the Office of Temporary Departure… First, he uses his tablet to make her laugh with a moving figurine pattern, and then he asks her about her teeth, which are colored blue, like she was eating blue candy. She hands him a pack of blue gum, which the label says is Blooberrie-flavored Kablooie gum. “The devil brings gifts,” Mobius comments to his TVA colleague as he instructs him to get any information through their system. We see it briefly again in the end credits, where someone from TVA is holding a pack of chewing gum, now in a bag for obvious evidence.

There seems to be too much emphasis on things that don’t really matter. Towards the end of the episode, we concluded that the villain who killed the TVA agents and interfered with the timeline was another Loki, which would then mean that he was the one who gave the girl the chewing gum. However, there is reason to believe that this is not the case.

Since WandaVision Theories about two Marvel villains are on the air: Nightmare as well as Mephisto… Both of these theories were developed in this episode: the mention of “the devil” plus the lingering shot of the stained glass depicting the devil looks like Mephisto’s wink, while the actual cartoon character on the Kablooie bubblegum package looks an awful lot like the Nightmare in the comics. If chewing gum is actually the clue Lokiriddles, well, this is probably not the strangest thing that happened in the history of Marvel!

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