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McCallum and Morgan may find themselves in troubled waters due to KKR due to tweets


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After the trio – Jos Buttler, Brandon McCallum and Eoin Morgan – taunted Indian fans and the accents went viral, the KKR duo could find themselves in troubled waters. KKR CEO Wenky Mysore has clearly stated that the franchise is “intolerant” of any kind of discrimination.

Since Ollie Robinson’s offensive tweets have surfaced on the Internet, vigilance has increased on the Internet against various cricketers. After the Robinson incident, several English cricketers even blocked their social media accounts. However, the old thread of the troika Jos Buttler, Brandon McCallum as well as Eoin Morgan surfaced on the internet, where Indian fans were seen taunting due to their accent.

Thereafter, Crickbuzz reports suggested that the “Knights of Calcutta” duo McCallum and Morgan might find themselves in a quandary over a conversation in which they used the word “sir” to ridicule an Indian accent.

“While there are questions about the exact context of the tweets, they were written at a time when Buttler and Morgan were both established England players and caused insults on social media,” the UK Telegraph said of the two English players’ comments on Twitter. …

Not only that, KKR CEO Venky Mysore made it clear that if found guilty of the charges, the franchise would take strict action. Mysore also stated that the franchise has a “zero tolerance” policy against any kind of discrimination.

“Currently, we do not know enough about this to comment. Let’s wait until the process is complete to get all the facts before drawing any conclusions. Again, the Knight Riders “absolutely hates discrimination,” KKR CEO Venky Mysore told Cricbuzz on Wednesday night.

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