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Mohamed Attia warns of a scammer who lured 25 Lebanese artists, madam


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Egyptian artist revealed Mohammed Attia The star of the first season of the Star Academy talent show announced that someone had impersonated his identity through social media sites and chat programs, highlighting that the quorum had managed to reach 25 Lebanese actresses and began luring some of them to scam and exploit them under the pretext of being involved. starring in the new film.

Mohamed Attia Reveals Quorum Details

Attia posted a photo and details of a fake account on his Instagram account, which includes his name and photo, and commented: There is a man impersonating me in this number and he spoke to over 25 Lebanese actresses and said that they are preparing to the filming of the film. filmed in Lebanon and asked them to conduct a casting by video call.

He continued, warning: this person is not me, and everything he says is not true, and if there is any artwork, I will be in it. I am definitely not going to contact the working group for a technical agreement because this is the job of a manufacturing company.

Notably, Mohamed Attia’s audience scoffed at the quorum for posting an old painting by the artist from his contests to reveal his artistic talents in the Star Academy season 1, while others warned him that the number used in the fraudulent process belonged to the state of France.

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