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Moraes shocks Jardim and complicates his job at the Al Hilal club


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The Portuguese coach Jose Moraes, a former coach of the Al-Hilal club, refused to help his compatriot Leonardo in his new mission with the leader, which made it difficult for the latter to start with the blue team.

Jardim took on the task of coaching Al Hilal, replacing Moraes, whose contract had expired as the latter temporarily took over following the firing of Brazilian Rogerio Mikale.

What did Moraes do with Jardim?

The Saudi newspaper Al Riyadiya indicated that Moraes refused to provide any technical reports to the administration of Al Hilal Club, headed by Fahd bin Nafel, resulting in the humiliation of the main team as well as foreign and local players.

Moraes decided to entrust this task to his compatriot Leonardo Jardim, who will take over the assessment file at the beginning of the preparatory period in order to complicate the task for the new coach.

Why did Moraes refuse to help Jardim?

The reason for Moraes’ refusal to report is due to the difficulty of fully evaluating the team after the 4 matches in which he coached the team at the end of last season.

A technical report needs a coach who can understand aspects of the team and spend enough time to learn the technical capabilities of the players and develop visuals for them.

Therefore, Moraes chose not to submit any technical reports to the administration, so that Leonardo Jardim makes a decision on every small and large team member in the coming period.

When does Jardim begin his mission with Al Hilal?

Portugal coach Leonardo Jardim has set a date for Al Hilal players to return to group training, given that all players have taken a long vacation after the end of the 2020-2021 sports season.

Jardim has decided that all Al Hilal players will return to training on July 5 next year to begin preparations for the new season.

The Portuguese coach will learn more about the Al Hilal players during the training camp in July, and then decide who will continue and who will leave.

How is Al Hilal preparing for the new season?

Al Hilal has already begun preparations for the new 2021–2022 season as it entered the transfer season confidently following a contract with Malian striker Moussa Mariga and right-back Hamad Al-Yami.

And then he was able to secure a contract with Portuguese coach Leonardo Jardim, who has a strong biography, as the leader’s leadership strives to represent an historic season, offsetting the erratic results of the past season.

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