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Most UAE Residents Believe Vaccinated Activities Will Contain COVID-19: Survey


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Seven in ten residents of the United Arab Emirates believe opening live events only to vaccinated people will help contain the spread of COVID-19 in the country, according to a new poll.

Half of residents surveyed in a recent YouGov study said they were not fully aware of the restrictions associated with COVID-19 on attending and participating in recreational and social activities.

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Dubai relaxes measures to allow events safe, provided that viewers and participants are vaccinated against COVID-19 and take the necessary precautions.

When asked about this new rule, 49 percent of people said they heard about it and knew about all the rules. Some had heard of it but were not fully aware of the rules (28 percent), while others were completely unaware (17 percent) or unsure about it (6 percent).

A woman walks past a wedding dress on display at The Bride Show in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The event for the wedding industry is being held in Dubai for four days. (Photo from file: Reuters)

Seven out of ten respondents are positive about the easing of restrictions and believe that the new rule will limit the spread of COVID-19 not only in Dubai (71 percent), but throughout the UAE (72 percent).

When asked about the places they feel most comfortable in after being vaccinated, UAE residents showed the most comfort when visiting open public places such as beaches, parks, etc. (68 percent), followed by indoor public places (museums , shopping malls, etc.). ), hotels and sanatoriums (64% each).

Most of the respondents are not inclined to travel around the country (62 percent) or attend sports events (51 percent). Compared to this, people are less comfortable with international travel (49 percent), wedding events (44 percent), or live concerts (43 percent).

After vaccination, it is much more convenient for men than for women to visit all of the above places.

Among the respondents interviewed, three out of five said they had received all the injections necessary for a full COVID-19 vaccination. One in seven (14 percent) has started the process, but needs another photo, and one in five (19 percent) intends to take a photo in the near future. The rest either do not want or are not sure about vaccination (7%).

It looks like the new mandate is likely to encourage people to get vaccinated, with 65 percent of residents who did not have any injections (those who are planning, not intending, or unsure) said they are likely to get vaccinated from COVID-19 in accordance with the new mandate.

The survey data was collected online from 1,006 respondents in the UAE by the YouGov omnibus between May 26 and June 2, 2021 using the YouGov panel reaching over 11 million people worldwide.

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