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Nets Injury News: Will James Harden and Jeff Green Play 3 Against The Bucks?


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Will the full rotation of Nets coach Steve Nash ever be available in the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Bucks? Or perhaps a better question: Does Brooklyn really need a full roster to advance?

Despite injuries to star defender James Harden and veteran striker Jeff Green, the Nets were heading into the NBA playoffs. Brooklyn have won six of their first seven postseason competitions, including two team wins over Milwaukee.

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If the Nets are looking so good right now, what happens if they add even more talent to such a dominant group?

Here’s the latest news on Harden and Green ahead of Thursday’s third game.

Will James Harden play against the Bucks?

Nash told reporters Wednesday that Harden is “making good progress” in his recovery from a hamstring injury, but he is not officially in Game 3.

“We hope that at some point we can get it back, but we can’t set a timeline yet,” Nash said

Harden was forced out of the game after playing just 43 seconds. He was diagnosed with a tight right hamstring, but the MRI showed no structural damage.

In the Nets’ first-round streak against the Celtics, Harden averaged 27.8 points, 10.6 assists and 7.2 rebounds per game, with 55.6 percent of shots from the field and 47.5 percent of shots. beyond the arc.

Will Jeff Green play against the Bucks?

Green is also officially listed as out of Game 3, although he noted on Wednesday that he “feels good” and “is getting better day by day.”

The 34-year-old who was kicked out after straining his left plantar fascia in Game 2 of the Nets-Celtics can run up and down the court, but is still working on sharp and other specific moves. He admitted that it was difficult to sit for a long time.

“I hate to be out of the house” Green said… “As James always says, he always prides himself on being available to his teammates, and so am I. It is painful. Not even going there, helping, hampering – it’s just being there, to be there, to be there. doing everything in my power to help the team. That’s why you see me on the sidelines, trying to be the voice of the side. But physically it is difficult not to be there. It’s complicated “.

In 68 regular season games, Green averaged 11.0 points and 3.9 rebounds, a career record of 41.2% from three-pointers.

Nets vs. Bucks Injury Report Game 3

(As of 8:30 pm ET Wednesday)

Team Player Status Cause
Networks Spencer Dinwiddy Outside Right knee; partially torn ACL
Networks Jeff Greene Outside Left plantar fascia; strain
Networks James Harden Outside Right hamstring tightness
Bucks Donte Di Vincenzo Outside Left ankle; operation
Bucks Sam Merrill Outside Right ankle; stretching
Bucks Jordan Nvora Outside Left thigh; injury

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