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Qatari sheikh responds to tweet by Israeli journalist about “Israel’s secret embassy in Doha”


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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Qatari Sheikh replied: Maryam Al ThaniAbout an Israeli journalist, Eddie Cohen, after the latter’s tweet, in which he claimed that the Israeli embassy is located in the capital of Qatar, Doha.

Cohen said in a tweet published on Tuesday: β€œThe secret Israeli embassy in Qatar is located on the Doha waterfront near Sheraton and the ambassador’s home in the Bu Hamur area. Qatar will soon become publicly our closest ally and will serve all our interests in the Persian Gulf and our Zionist projects throughout the region. ”

Sheikha Maryam commented on Cohen’s tweet, posting a photo of another tweet by an Israeli journalist in which he said: β€œQatar has supported terrorism since 1995, participating in a conspiracy against moderate Arab regimes and an alliance of extremist and extremist regional regimes, financing Hamas terrorists. and the support of the Brotherhood. Qatar’s funds in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom must be frozen. “

Sheikha Maryam commented on Cohen’s tweet: “It’s nice that you contradict yourself.”

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