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Said Saleh’s widow reveals new secrets about his last days: “He made me wear a veil, and I did not take advantage of my marriage with him.”


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Cairo – Dot Gulf Thursday, 10 June 2021 – 04:03

The widow of the late artist Said Saleh revealed several stories and secrets about him and her relationship with him, as well as new details about his last days, and responded to criticism of her marriage to him due to the large age difference between them.

Saleh’s widow said: “I am still criticized because of my marriage to him.”

Actress Shayma Fergali, the widow of the artist Said Saleh, was a guest on the Al-Nahar channel, told the story of her acquaintance with him and said that the deceased saw her in one of the performances and praised her performance and invited her to participate in one of his plays and added that they felt attracted and loved at first sight at their meeting, and said that Said Saleh proposed to her while they were working on the play, but she refused at first, which made him not speak to her.

Said Saleh’s widow reveals the secrets of his last days

Shayma Fergali said that Said Saleh continued to follow her news and supported her during her illness as she believed she had contracted the liver virus due to a misdiagnosis and revealed that she married him in 2008, after almost 7 years of their acquaintance, and said that at first she respected and appreciated him as an artist Said Saleh and refused to marry him because of her young age, but fell in love with him after a period of their rapprochement and married him.

Said Saleh’s widow reveals the story of her dispute with his daughter

Said Saleh’s widow said that they got married without telling anyone or his daughter, out of fear of her anger, and Said Saleh waited until his daughter was married to tell her about her marriage, and Shayma Fargali said that her relationship with her daughter Said Saleh were very good. strong, but she got angry with her after her marriage to Said Saleh and boycotted her, and indicated that her relationship with her had recently recovered and they spoke more than once, and she said that she went through a period of depression and was taking sedatives because of her deep sorrow over his death.

Said Saleh’s widow ended her conversation about him by responding to criticism of her marriage to him, and said that she did not recognize the age difference in love, and added that they refuse to mediate at work, and she did not use her husband to work with evidence that she was a stage actress before marrying him, and that she wore a veil during marriage From him after he asked her to stay away from work and the artistic community, and she did so because of her love for him and took off a veil for sickness in the last days.

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