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Stronger than Al-Ahli and Zamalek .. Jamal Al-Ghandour talks about the upcoming Jabaliya Council


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International referee of the world championship Jamal Al-GhandourThat the upcoming Football Association elections will result in a leading figure taking over the presidency of the Federation and making her stronger than Al-Ahli and Zamalek, and that the Football Association will run a group, not an individual, and that they have a desire to serve and develop Egyptian football and not serve their own personal interests.

Al-Ghandour explained during an in-depth interview with the newspaper vetothat he hopes that the winner of the Football Association presidency in the upcoming elections will be a strong man and be able to restore the prestige of the Football Association and put him in the first place before Al-Ahli and Zamalek, regardless of his affiliation or one of the new or old faces, and be a continuation Major General Dakhshuri Harb and Captain Essam Abdel Moneim.They are one of the most influential personalities who have sat in the seat of the President of the Football Association.

Al-Ghandour added that Essam Abdel-Fattah made a 100% correct statement in one of the programs that the most influential parties in Egyptian football are the Al-Ahli club, then the Football Association, then Zamalek

Strongest game in Egyptian football

He stated that he hoped that the president of the Football Association would make him the strongest side in Egyptian football, and then any other club would come after him, and only then would Egyptian football have a different matter, in particular Egyptian arbitration.

Al-Ghandour said that in the devices supplied by the Spanish company responsible for Statement Mouse technique, saying: I do not like to interfere with the politics of those in charge of running the Football Association, but I was the one who trained the referees to use the mouse for four months, and during this period I did not. I am facing any technical or technical problem in the special device “Semiliator”. The Spanish company, and, in my opinion, the Spanish company is completely innocent of any technical flaws in their “mouse” devices.

Al-Ghandour pointed out that prior to leaving the committee, he played 6 league matches using mouse technology, which used 12 typical mouse uses, as there was a leadership responsible for mouse technology at the time.

No vacant management

Al-Ghandour emphasized that the crisis of “mice” lies in the lack of “mouse control”, and during my stay I formed a “mouse control”, which included Jamal Al-Ghandour and Tamer Dari, and his mission was to fulfill mouse referees and play the role of “Observer” before the match and help them with any problems they encounter during the Matches by educating referees, tracking errors and explaining them to referees first-hand, not only this, but also the “mouse” manual.

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