The Israeli government approves the time of the scandalous march of the flag in Jerusalem

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The Israeli government has given the green light for a controversial protest in Jerusalem under certain conditions and only after the Knesset voted for a new coalition government over the weekend. The right-wing nationalist event was scheduled and then canceled due to tensions between Jews and Arabs in the holy city.

IN Press releaseThe Security Cabinet of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the march, which at some point was postponed to Thursday, will take place on Tuesday “in the format agreed by the police and the organizers of the march.”

The flag march in Jerusalem was originally scheduled for May 10, but was interrupted by Hamas actions. rocket attacks on Jerusalem – the beginning of the 11-day war. The postponement to June 15 means that the parade will take place after Voices of the Knesset endorse Israeli new cabinet on Sunday, two days before the new march date. This calmed fears that Netanyahu would use the march – if it took place this week – to disrupt the formation of a new government, according to The Times of Israel.

IN march of the flag celebrates the unification of Jerusalem under Israeli rule during the 1967 Six Day War. He is popular with Israeli right-wing and Jewish nationalists.

Will the event take place? under discussion Last few days. Defense Secretary Benny Gantz approved its cancellation on Saturday. On Sunday, police said they want the parade to be moved from the Muslim quarter of Old Jerusalem. Israeli media reported on Monday that the march was canceled. On Tuesday, the Cabinet announced a new date.

Marching the flag is a delicate matter due to Role of Jerusalem in the violence last month in Israel and the Palestinian territories. There were several protests by both Jews and Arabs in the city in April to war started between Palestinian “resistance” groups in Gaza and Israel. The tension is over Holy places in Jerusalem and the possible eviction of Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah the neighborhood helped lead to hostilities, which also included unprecedented community violence between Jews and Arabs in Israel.

The government’s announcement that the event still needs to be “reconciled” indicates the possibility of a repeat event. The organizers still want to go through the Muslim Quarter, which the police may not approve, according to The Times of Israel.

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