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The Sale of Glossy Materials has arrived – a selection of products from Jenna Lyons, Donnie Davy and others


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“Everyone around me – people of different ages and professions – are on Instagram at least three times a day,” Emily Weiss said in 2014, she launched Glossier on what was then a renegade platform. She created models by inserting them into the DM; growing fan base posts a steady stream of bathroom selfies, faces glow Perfecting Skin Tone and multipurpose Balm Dotcom from the original drop of four products. Almost seven years later, the word visionary doesn’t seem to be enough. Today’s average screen time report proves that we have gone a long way from “three times a day.” Glossier’s subscriber base has grown to 2.7 million. The iconic product line spans the entire spectrum from Boy Eyebrow (from early to fluffy, tweezers-free tendencies) to result-oriented serum… And of course, Instagram is now the de facto marketing engine for anything – so direct access to the consumer is an instinctive touch of the finger.

What kind does not have changed? “I am an eternal fan of Glossier and I am as excited about this brand now as I was when they were first launched,” he says. Euphoria visagiste Donnie Davy, who are among 15 people – directors, performers, editors and many more – who have shared their selection of Glossier products for this story. The reason, in an obvious sense, is a sale: today at 7 a.m. the brand is opening a 20% discount on the entire site, until at the end of Monday, June 14, Cinderella’s stroke occurs. replenishment of creative reserves as literal. Preparing for the coming summer is a crowdsourcing job, from a flawless highlighter to a tinted lip balm that is amazing in every way. As the saying goes, read and shop.

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