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Trailer of the “Blind Ambition” festival about Zimbabwean sommeliers


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Trailer of the “Blind Ambition” festival about Zimbabwean sommeliers

from Alex Billington
June 9, 2021
A source: Vimeo

“A few years ago, none of us tasted wine before.” Protagonist Pictures presented the first movie trailer Blind ambition, the documentary premiered at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival this month. This is the highly anticipated sequel to co-directors Warwick Ross and Robert Coe, the team behind the documentary, narrated by Russell Crowe. Red obsession… And after debut in documentary Blind ambition also being developed as a series of scripts. Introduction from Tribeca: “Joseph, Tinache, Marlewyn, & Forgiveness are part of a wave of Zimbabweans who have left their economically damaged homeland in search of a better life elsewhere. After their dangerous travels, they arrive in South Africa, end up getting jobs in restaurants, take an interest in the intricacies of wine, become sommeliers, meet and bond with each other, and are encouraged to form Zimbabwe’s first team participate in the World Wine Tasting Championship for the Blind – the Olympic Games of the Wine World. Blind ambition follows their ambitious path to their unlikely spot in this annual competition held in France. “It sounds and looks like a truly moving and inspiring story of ambition. I need to see this.

Here is the first festival trailer for a documentary by Robert Coe and Warwick Ross. Blind ambition, straight from Vimeo:

A documentary on blind ambition

Driven by unrelenting optimism and passion for their cause, four Zimbabwean refugees are overcoming their chances to become the best sommelier in South Africa. Having formed Zimbabwe’s first team of wine tastors, they aim to earn the coveted title of World Wine Tasting Champion. From the moment they arrive in France to compete, this team of individualists has completely turned the creation of privilege and tradition on its head. Blind Ambition is a truly inspiring and sometimes hilarious documentary that celebrates just how unstoppable the human spirit can be. Blind ambition Director (and co-producer) – directors of the documentary. Robert Coe & Warwick Ross, both worked on a documentary Red obsession earlier. Executive Produced by Paul Wiegard for Madman, Madeline Ross, Ross Grant, Neil Harvey, Adrian Mackenzie, Cameron O’Reilly for Bayard Productions and George Hamilton and Isabelle Stewart for Protagonist Pictures. Premiere in 2021 Tribeca Film Festival this year. No release dates have been announced yet – he is still looking for distribution proposals.

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