Watch Miranda Cosgrove Revive Drake and Josh Meme on iCarly

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Miranda Cosgrove gives his fans an interesting treat in iCarly the discovery of the revival.

On Wednesday June 9th, Paramount + released the opening storyline for the show’s long-awaited revival. on the eve of the premiere on June 17… The video has delighted fans for a number of reasons, one of which is the fact that the 28-year-old actress is recreating her cans meme that originated in a 2006 episode of Nickelodeon. Drake and Josh

As social media users probably know, the popular meme focuses on Miranda’s character, Megan Parker, sipping a soda and uttering the word “interesting” as she uses her computer to research skin conditions that she wants to fool Drake’s brother (Drake Bell) think what he has.

In the new version, she is played by the current Miranda. iCarly The character, Carly Shay, holds the same can and smiles in front of a more modern desktop computer. The frame also contains the melody “Leave everything to me”, which is original. iCarly musical theme.

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