10 best episodes of the cartoon “Avengers: Earth’s Greatest Heroes”

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Welcome to Saturday morning cartoons, our current column, in which we continue the animation-focused ritual of yesteryear. We may no longer plan our lives around small-screen programming, but that doesn’t mean we should forget the essential Saturday cartoons haven. In this post We rate the 10 best Avengers: Earth’s Greatest Heroes series.

In 2010, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was still afloat. Marvel Studios Succeed With Jon Favreau iron Man, but the interconnected universe was far from certain after the blow to the base and the bunt that was The incredible Hulk as well as Iron Man 2 (some may call them blowing or even blows, but not this zombie Marvel). Avengers: Endgameworld domination seemed fantastic, or maybe even impossible for those who touched Awkward insertion of the Black Widow franchise

However, if you were paying attention to Disney XD at the time, you were well aware of the potential of superhero cinema as a wild and vast space playground. Avengers: Earth’s Strongest Heroes launched as a 20-part microserial similar to Gendy Tartakovsky star Wars: Clone wars… In the end, Disney split those early episodes into five episodes and used them to kickstart two intense superhero seasons.

DC Animation tends to get the most love, while Marvel cartoons nostalgia is usually strictly for 90s X-Men animated series… Of course, I like some wonderful funny mutants, but if we are looking for a serious opponent from the aisle to go against Batman: Animated series, Avengers: Earth’s Strongest Heroes your best choice.

The first few episodes define the original team as they appeared in Jack Kirby and Stan Lee Avengers # one: Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man and the Wasp. From there, Captain America gets into the crowd, as well as Black Panther, Vision, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain Marvel, Iron Fist, Fantastic Four, and so on. Avengers: Earth’s Strongest Heroes adapted classic and not-so-classic comic book storylines. Using a formula refined by the MCU, the cartoon retained what they liked in comics and adapted the fairy tales for their own purposes.

Countless times while watching the show, I shouted, “Do it. Turn these cartoons into movies. ” And apparently, Kevin Feige heard my screams. Soon guardians of the galaxy will arrive and then Black Panther as well as Captain Marvel… Dig into Avengers cartoon, you can see the skeletons of MCU events that are now on the horizon. Kang the Conqueror is here… MODOK is already here. The multiverse is here. Secret invasion here

Avengers: Earth’s Strongest Heroes streamed on Disney +. Don’t let it stay put. Turn on the remote and press the play button. And if you’re looking for a good place to start, don’t worry. That’s why you followed the link. Below you will find the top 10 episodes from both seasons. You will recognize some of the storylines, while others will make your brain hiss, waiting for what comes next.

10. “Meet Captain America”

Kang the Conqueror observes from outside time and space. All reality begins to crumble, and he decided that this chronic apocalypse begins with Captain America. The time-traveling madman peers into the stream of time, observing the earliest battles fought by Steve Rogers. We witness Captain America and Bucky Barnes leading the invasion of the Red Skull Hydra Castle. Fighting alongside the Howling Commandos and the man who will one day become Wolverine, Cap and Bucky bring pain to a Nazi scientist. In the process, two soldiers fall into ice where they are frozen for decades before reappearing in mid-August. It’s an encouraging sacrifice, but one that deeply worries Kang. The conqueror will have to intervene later in the season.

9. “Hello, Hydra!”

Hail Hydra

Two terrorist organizations fight each other in a terrifying battle over the Space Cube (known as the Tesseract or Space Stone in the MCU). While Red Skull Hydra and MODOK’S AIM exchange shots with each other, Black Widow sells them both to the Avengers. Together, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes crush two nefarious institutions. And the victory surprises Captain America. He spent most of World War II trying to root out the Skull, and in one day the Avengers accomplished what he never could. Moving forward, Steve Rogers pledges allegiance to these strange heroes.

8. “Behold the vision!”

See the vision

The Avengers fell apart. Their final mission almost resulted in their defeat and the imprisonment of Earth by an invading alien force. With most of the crew not speaking, an enraged Ultron tries to strike another blow at his creators. This time he builds Vision as his surrogate weapon. During a mission to collect vibranium, a human child synthesoid confronts the Avengers in Wakanda. The episode is mostly violent fistfights, interspersed with Thor smashing the unconscious Vision with his hammer. We know that one day the robot will join the team, but by spending so much time with Vision, the villain amplifies the tragedy inherent in his creation. The version we received Age of Ultron quickly figured out the “right side” as this poor creature struggles to figure out its purpose. His path is long, shackled by many failures.

7. “Welcome to the Kree Empire”

Welcome to the Kree Empire Avengers Mighty Heroes of Earth

The Kree lay claim to Earth-space, and Carol Danvers is the only one who can challenge their greatest champion, Captain Marvel. Marvel and Carol exchanged energy signatures during their last confrontation, and she left the fight stronger than her opponent. She calls herself “Miss. Miracle ”and almost destroys the invading army. Inspired by her power, Captain Marvel ultimately sides with Carol in helping her fight Ronan the Accuser. They will win, but the Kree will return, and when they return, they will do so with a force ten times greater than anything Earth can provide. And yes, the Skrulls are too happy to take advantage of this impending Armageddon.

6. “The Private War of Doctor Doom”

Doctor Doom's Private War

While Avengers’ Tony Stark and Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards are puzzling over the strange timing anomalies they discovered in Season 1, Doctor Doom launches an attack against both teams. This is another action-packed episode, but culminates in an incredible discovery that showcases Doom’s intelligence. Stark and Richards are two big minds, but they don’t see problems on the horizon. Kang, Kree, Skrulls – these villains are not one-time threats. Their attacks did not stop when the episodes ended. One invasion hides a much larger covert invasion. Reed’s teammates are not really teammates. Skrulls sneak in every shadow.

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