Amy King Duggaram: Josh is a pedophile, take it!

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Amy King is trying guys. She tries to tell the truth to the authorities.

She tries to speak out and say the quiet part out loud.

She tries to be one of the members of her huge family in order to find at least some meaning in the horrific crisis.

Jim Bob Duggar’s niece is just … trying.

Amy has long been estranged from her relatives and lives without their strict rules and regulations.

Amy has spoken out on numerous occasions since Josh Duggar was arrested on child pornography charges.

Unlike other members of the Duggar family, she also did not give trivial answers.

She did not say clichés, did not say anything general and / or vague about “justice”, and did not even utter empty prayers.

Nope. Amy called Josh an evil monster

Amy also shared a meme and a quote clearly referring to Anna Duggar, her long-suffering daughter-in-law.

Anna, of course, has remained silent until now, despite accusations of her husband’s terrible behavior.

According to the FBI, the father of six has downloaded photos and videos of sexually abused minors.

Absolutely disgusting.

This is after Josh previously admitted to molesting several of his own sisters when he was a teenager.

And for cheating on his wife, who is expecting her seventh child, with random women on the Internet.

And addicted to porn.

Bottom line: Amy has seen enough.

“Ladies, please don’t go through life trying to be as small, quiet, helpful and comfortable as possible,” Amy stated, not quoting Anna by name, but adding:

“Say what you think, even if your voice is trembling.”

“Do not practice extreme modesty, possess your beauty, intelligence and energy,” adds the 34-year-old.

Be cruel and irreconcilable, always… “

Now Amy has returned with a question to her followers on social media. Basically … is ignorance really bliss?

Amy King is true

Especially when it comes to actions and actions that can only be described as despicable?

“Painful truth is better than hidden lies.”

Again, Amy doesn’t mention any names here.

Yes, she makes no specific mention of any Duggars. It is important to reiterate this key point here.

But, just, come on, you know?

There should be no doubt that Amy is casting a serious shadow over her uncle and many of her cousins.

They hid for years behind the lie that the prodigal firstborn is not very mentally ill.

We also mean it literally.

Jim Bob and wife Michelle helped cover up their son’s molestation scandal in 2006 by refusing to go to the authorities and instead sending him to hard labor with a family friend.

Years later, he cheated on Anna through Ashley Madison’s website, and then went to rehab for alleged pornography addiction.

Hence, as crude as the accusations against Duggar are, no one familiar with the situation can say that he or she is truly overwhelmed.

All the signs were there.

The family simply refused to admit, as Amy put it above, the painful truth about this father of six.

“Life is too short to waste time with someone who cannot give you all their heart”, Amy said earlier

Her comments are hard not to interpret as a message to Anna.

What about her direct comment on these heinous accusations?

“My heart belongs to all these innocent, sweet victims,” the 34-year-old said last month about Josh’s arrest.

“It breaks my heart … I really hope that justice has been done.”

“I’ll just say that whatever you do in the dark comes out,” added Dillon King’s wife.

“If you are going to look at such disgusting and disgusting images, justice must prevail.”

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