Belhaif al-Nuaimi: a system that ensures that any foodstuffs imported into the country – settlements – other are included in the first classification.

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Climate Change and Environment Minister Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad Belhaif al-Nuaimi said: “The ministry intends to launch a new system of food safety standards and requirements over the next two months to ensure that imported food does not enter the country. the country, with the exception of the first and highest classification in the world, to keep up with safety and security standards, and the control system will be strengthened. The local government will check the safety of local production and the levels of pesticide residues in it by launching the largest central food inspection laboratory in collaboration with all inspection centers at the state level. “

He added that the move aims to expand the capacity of inspection and quarantine centers at all state retail outlets, as well as to speed up their operation to ensure the speed of procedures for screening food consignments entering the country and their entry into local markets. market, in order to improve the level of quality, efficiency and safety of the imported product, as well as to increase and strengthen the level of the local product to increase its competitiveness in the market.

He stressed that the ministry is currently working with the private sector to prepare for the early launch of a large national project to market local agricultural products, increase consumer confidence in them, increase its market share and improve competitiveness.

He added that this week the ministry plans to launch the Youth Food Security Stations project, which aims to develop integrated “modern agricultural” stations that use the latest technologies in accordance with the UAE’s climatic conditions to train and develop youth agricultural skills. … fields and train them to implement and manage various modern agricultural systems and expand production capabilities. These systems and promote their products in a way that enhances their entrepreneurial ability and invest in sustainable food production systems, as well as help maintain trends in food security and sustainability and ensure supply chain flexibility and continuity.

He explained that the ministry is working on an advanced agricultural extension system that encourages farmers in the country to implement and implement sustainable modern agricultural systems that protect environmental resources, use the latest global technologies and increase the efficiency and volume of agricultural production in the country. light of the continuation of work to motivate young people to entrepreneurship in the field of modern sustainable agriculture. By linking them with funding agencies in the country to provide the necessary support to launch their own projects and oversee them through an indicative system to ensure their success.

Al Nuaimi said: “The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment is implementing a comprehensive framework of efforts to improve food security and resilience to ensure the continuity of food supply and supply chains, including increasing the use of import markets to ensure food diversity and continuity. supply chains.”

He added that the number of approved slaughterhouses that export halal meat from abroad to the country, according to the latest data, is 165 slaughterhouses from 64 countries by the end of March 2021, and coordination is underway with a number of livestock exporting countries to import of livestock from them to increase the number of sales markets.

He explained that the draft federal law on climate change was prepared as the first national law of its kind in the region, which provides a common legal framework for climate action efforts, standards and mechanisms, including all sectors at the state level. and in a way that strengthens the UAE’s position in terms of global competitiveness and supports development efforts. A sustainable green economy also helps support innovation, research and development in the fight against climate change.

Regarding efforts to ensure the continuity of the fishing sector in the country, Al Nuaimi indicated that a new mechanism is currently being prepared in coordination with all stakeholders at the state level, which will open the door for the issuance of fishing licenses. in an orderly manner, in accordance with specific requirements in coordination and cooperation with the relevant authorities in each emirate.

He added that the ministry attaches great importance to expanding the establishment of fisheries as it supports local production capabilities as it has developed systems with the services it provides to clients to ensure access to aquaculture-related services and issuance of certificates in record time. …

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