Hamada Hilal announces the death of his aunt and asks his followers to pray for her

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The star, Hamada Hilal, announced the death of his aunt through his Instagram account, and he recently wrote: “We belong to God and to Him we will return. And her children are patient, and we are all patient. We ask you to pray. “

Hamada Hilal

And the star, Hamada Hilal, performed umrah rituals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and his followers and fans shared a photo of him in front of the House of God, wearing the Ihram uniform and muzzle, in fulfillment of recently taken precautions. followed the entrance to the Grand Mosque due to the Corona virus and he was eager to pray for his deceased mother, and commented on the photo through his website account. Instagram ”, saying,“ Lord, thank you for all the blessings, Oh God, forgive and have mercy on my mother“.

And recently, the star Hamad Hilal released a video for his song “Mashtiqin” from the words of Mohamed Ibrahim, composed by Ahmed Zaim, distributed by Wissam Abdel Moneim, and many stars of art and sports participated in this video, most notably Mohamed. Riad, Hani Salama, Karim Fahmi, Mohamed Gomaa, Islam Jamal, Ahmed Zaher, Mohamed Gomaa, Mohamed Anwar, as well as among football players Ahmed Hasan, Ahmed Fathi, Trezeget and Kahraba, Mohamed Hani, Hussein El Sayed and others Media Amr El-Leiti, Ibrahim Fayek and video director Mohamed El-Qadi.

Star Hamada Hilal also released a video on his official YouTube channel for his song “Baheb Al-Jada’ana” in the style of festival songs written by Shendi and Kanka, written by Hamada Hilal and Al-Madfadzhiya, a popular user of Diesel.

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