Jarred Kelenich sent, but he didn’t get far

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Jarred Kelenich’s first departure to Seattle ended on Monday after the average was below 0.100. Joe Swenson explains why fans shouldn’t give up on him.

IN Seattle Mariners registered a decent record after Jarred KelenichCall for a challenge, but Jarred’s contribution to the attack was abhorrent. Baseball is a demanding sport. The 95 mph fastball hits that draw the outside of the plate, followed by sliders that bite down and in, and the shifts that dive under Kelenick’s bat show how rough a hit can be for a beginner.

Sometimes a young player needs to be knocked down a bit before getting back on the horse. In this case, Kelenich has been knocked down in almost every game, especially in his last ten MLB games.

Sailors Find Ways To Win Despite Kelenick’s Black Hole Sun Figures

I think I speak on behalf of every M fan that we are just waiting for Kelenich to break out and start kicking the ball. Its peripherals are mid-range in almost every category. He doesn’t have to be a mid-range hitter in the league. However, Jarred Kelenich is not supposed to be a mid-range striker in the league, and so far he is not.

Indicators Statcast Kelenik

Its average exit speed is 87.6 mph (88.3 league average) with a take-off angle of 16.8 degrees (11.9 league average), which gives a best result percentage of 22.8 (versus 32 , 8 for the league). It’s a recipe for disaster that is MLB Kelenich’s offensive outcome.

Add to that a strikeout percentage of 28.3, and it’s easy to see why he wasn’t getting any results. If you are not satisfied with the math, read the following summary.

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