Larry Fitzgerald Jr is in Minnesota today … DON’T LET HIM LEAVE !!!!

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Last time I checked the Minnesota Vikings still need a trio of wide receivers.

Yes, they have Adam Thielen, I’m sure Justin Jefferson flopped the season by becoming the NFL rookie last season. But what then, what is behind them?

Wide receiver # 3 was needed by the Minnesota Vikings after the end of the 2020 season, and they began to evaluate the composition and moves they could make in the offseason. However, we are here on June 14th … after the free agency opened, after the project came and went, and in the midst of deep-seeding free agencies, they still seem to be looking for their WR3.

To be honest, I understand that there are options for this place. Most of the accounts claim that Chad Bibi has a good camp So far, yes, Busy Johnson is struggling to recover from last season’s loss, and yes, I know that Ihmir Smith Marsett is a promising draft pick.

But I have a better option, the ALL-PRO option, AND HE IS IN MINNESOT TODAY !!!

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That’s right, it has been a pipe dream for Minnesota Vikings fans for the past ten years, can Larry Fitzgerald Jr sign his hometown team this year? He became first free agent in his career in mid-March and is still on the market three months later.

And as mentioned above, he’s in Minnesota today !! 😲😲😲

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Of course, this is not entirely for free visit of the agent with the Vikings, rather, he came to the city for his charity golf tournament in InterlachenBut why couldn’t he act like everyone else and do a lot of things while you’re in town. If they haven’t already, the Vikings should at least put on those tires and reach out.

Even at the end of his Hall of Fame career, Larry Legends was productive as a member of the Cardinals in 2020. In an interesting, not entirely accurate first attack, he finished the season with 54 catches, over 400 yards and a TD. but more importantly. This is the prototype of a wide receiver that the Vikings could have used. A large, sturdy, hand-confident wide receiver that can go through the middle and roll on some tricky passes.

He played 13 games last season, so there’s something left over despite all the miles he has spent on his body and the shots he has done over the years.

There are reports that he is ready to hang up and retire before the season comesbut if he’s interested in giving him one more year to complete a full circle with the team he played with as a teenager, I know a good place to land.

And damn it, he could sign the contract TODAY if he wanted to!

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