Oscar Health CEO on transforming insurance companies during COVID-19

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire healthcare ecosystem underwent a metamorphosis, including the payer space.

Insurtech Oscar Health has been using digital resources to reach patients for years, but these channels have become critical during the pandemic. Next week HIMSS Health Status, Oscar CEO Mario Schlosser will talk about how his company has changed to meet the needs of patients during the pandemic.

“I think at Oscar we were the first insurance company to do telemedicine in 2012. corporal, which completely free for the participants, ”he said. “Since then, we have been building our medical group and have been offering virtual primary health care since the middle of last year. This way, members can assign themselves to a doctor from Oscar’s medical group and then receive free follow-up benefits when those doctors also seek help. So, tight integration between plan design, integration design, and customer relationship management. It made a big difference. “

Giving patients the choice of a virtual PCP has also broadened the base of interaction with patients. Schlosser said 45% of patients who chose a virtual provider did not have a PCP in advance.

But increased virtual care isn’t the only change. Schlosser said data has become a popular commodity.

“The healthcare system is placing more emphasis on more accurate data than ever before. When the pandemic hit, we all struggled to figure out where we can get tested. So, it’s better to understand which systems, which ambulances, which emergency clinics, when the COVID-19 testing delivered has become incredibly important, ”he said. “So the ability to quickly collect data and pass it back to members and suppliers has become a really important challenge.”

After all, Schlosser said COVID-19 has helped innovate in the payer world. Stakeholders were able to explore new ways of providing assistance through quick iterations of trial and error.

“These are accelerated cycles of test experiments. I think we all felt that the future of healthcare had moved a couple of years ahead. I think this was due to the fact that the future was compressed in a couple of months, rather than being pushed forward. almost a license from a provider’s point of view, a payer point of view, a patient point of view to experience more things, be it the treatments or campaigns you run on public health issues, or new ways to interact with the member … that’s what you are for good technology is needed, but it can be very powerful for the health system as a whole. “

The HIMSS State of Healthcare presentation will take place on virtually June 15 from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm Central Time.

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