UAE travel bans for Pakistani, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka passengers extended to at least July 7: Etihad – News

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The only exception is if you are a diplomat, UAE citizen or golden visa holder.

Passengers traveling from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal or Sri Lanka will not be able to enter the UAE until July 7, according to the Etihad Airways website.

The airline said the date could be extended.

When searching the website for flights to the UAE from Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore, a message appears informing passengers of the July 7th date.

Those who have visited these countries in the past 14 days will also not be able to enter the UAE, the airline from Abu Dhabi said.

“The only exception is if you are a diplomat, UAE citizen or golden visa holder. In this case, your PCR test must be submitted no later than 48 hours before the departure of your flight, ”said the carrier.

Flights will continue to appear as available for the above destinations in the flight search as tax-exempt passengers are still allowed to fly to the UAE.

As of Monday, June 14th, 5:00 pm, Dubai-based Emirates has not updated the date extension. Its website claims that passenger traffic from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will be suspended “until further notice.”

The UAE announced for the first time a suspension of entry for travelers from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka on national and overseas flights from 23:59 on May 12.

Cargo flights remain unchanged.

Emirates said last week that the suspension of passenger flights from India to the UAE will last until July 6.

In general, the entry of passengers from 10 countries is currently suspended: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, South Africa, Zambia, DR Congo and Uganda.

As a result of the work suspension, several expats have found themselves stranded in their countries.

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