Unused theme music appears on the Internet

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Can you imagine Ghostbusters without his signature “who are you going to call?” Ray Parker Jr.’s theme song? As it turned out, before Ray Park Jr. got involved in the making of the film, several examples of theme songs were written, but they did not make it into the cutout, and now one of them has appeared on the Internet.

A music project known as Hughes / Thrall was brought in to develop the theme, and one of those themes appeared online through an artist. Pat Thrall’s sound cloud… Here’s what Thrall said about the track, and let’s just say some of his expressions are quite colorful:

‚ÄúThis is the demo that Hughes / Thrall and Peter Aykroyd provided for the film. She was rejected. A version claiming to be an HT demo was posted on YouTube, but it wasn’t here for the first time when it was finally posted. the guy who mixed it hasn’t slept on cocaine in a week. This is one of the worst mixes ever. “

It’s really unfair to compare this track to Parker’s classic theme, but it’s interesting to see what was played with before his song was used. Ultimately, Parker’s song was the right choice as it peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for three straight weeks. The theme was also nominated for the 57th Academy Awards for Best Original Song, although it lost to Stevie Wonder’s I Just Call To Say I Love You.

What do you think about unused Ghostbusters tgem?

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