ICC should revise ‘chucking’ law because 15-degree latitude is too small, says Saqlain Mushtaq

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Pakistani star Saqlain Mushtaq has stated that the ICC must review the law around the 15-degree latitude for the spinners before it is too late. He also stressed that the law in question has already discouraged several novice off-spinners who have become leg spinners.

Despite the introduction ofdoosra in the past, with Saqlain Mushtaq bowling the variation ‘legally’ regularly in the world of cricket, its use has since been reduced to zero with the laws of the International Cricket Council (ICC). According to the rules, ICC only allows a 15 degree elbow flexion to each bowler, which in retrospect has prevented the bowlers from bending their arms beyond the allowable limit.

While several off-spinners have insisted that a middle ground could be found to bridge the gap, none has been as rowdy as Pakistan’s former off-spinner Saqlain Mushtaq. Mushtaq stated that the top cricket organization should review the law and insisted that the latitude of 15 degrees is too small in international cricket.

“I think the ICC should review this law because the latitude 15 degrees north is too small. It discourages players from the art of off-spin bowling,” said Saqlain, India Today reported.

“Personally I believe you can bowl off-breaks,doosra and topspin even within the law, but since it came out I’ve seen players who used to bowl off-spin and now become leg spinners or wrist spinners,” he added. up.

He also revealed that the laws have made wrist spinners more popular, with England’s Adil Rashid, Australian Adam Zampa and Indian Yuzvendra Chahal all doing well with the cue ball.

“It is an ongoing trend in white ball formats that teams want maximum wrist spins like India has Chahal and Yadav, Australia has Adam Zampa and Swepson, England has Adil Rashid etc. And this discourages players from learning the art of off-spin bowling” , he added.

On the hottest topic in the world of cricket right now, Mushtaq stated that the role of spinners in the subcontinental conditions in the Middle East will always be vital, especially if dew is not a major factor.

“The role of spinners in the subcontinent and the UAE is always vital, but there is no dew factor as many competitions are held under the light.

“If there is no dew factor they will dominate in dry conditions but to do this they need to be class bowlers with a very good set of skills. It’s all about bowlers trying to get away with just frugal bowling and those trying to take wickets too.”

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